What We Do

Our Rooms

The Family room is a place where your child can come and play while receiving their all-natural salt treatment. Asthma, allergies, ear infections or colds, your child will begin to breathe easier as the symptoms are relieved. Children as young as 2 may go into the room and play for 45 minutes. Play Dates at the Beach include 2 adults and up to 4 children. Just bring a parent and a clean pair of white socks.

  • Single Visit

  • Play Date at the Beach

  • Additional Child


*Sessions are 45 minutes with the exception of the Play Date at the Beach which is an hour.

Serenity Shores is our adult room. During your 45 minute session, you can relax in our zero-gravity lounge chairs or throw a towel down on the salt floor. Healing music plays while you begin to breathe easier. You may read or just fall asleep in this negative ion room. The micro-sized salt particles will clear your sinuses, help with a cold, asthma, allergies, sinus issues, even skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Serenity Shores offers 15 minute sessions and bundles for those looking for a quick breather for the day.

  • Single Visit

  • Quick Breather

  • Additional Adult

  • 3 Session*15min

  • 3 Sessions*45min

  • 5 Sessions*15min

  • 5 Sessions*45min

  • 10 Sessions*15min

  • 10 Sessions*45min


*Sessions are 45 minutes with the exception of the Quick Breather which is 15 minutes.